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A Letter From Our

Founder and Executive Director

Greetings Work of Art Family and Community,


The 2019-2020 brought many uncertainties amongst our community and the world; however maintaining the tenacious spirit of our youth is always in the forefront of my mind.  Being able to shape the lives of so many young girls is very important to me and is the foundation of the work that we do.  They rely on us to set an example of advocacy and leadership. This responsibility was more important than ever during these unprecedented times involving Covid-19, when news coverage and social media shed a light on the inequities and racial disparities that have existed in our world for years. 


During the pandemic, Work of Art was charged with creating a safe space through a virtual platform for our girls to have their voices heard and to be able to maintain a sense of normalcy. We connected with one another to successfully complete our year as an organization, discussing topics such as self-care during the quarantine, ways to reduce stress and anxiety, and tough discussions on racism and the unfair treatment of Black Americans in our world.  We could not have accomplished this without our amazing board, supportive parents, dedicated mentors, and, of course, our resilient girls.


As we embark on this upcoming year, we understand that it will require a new and different approach to learning. We are fully prepared to maintain our vision, mission, and program goals by supporting our girls, their families, and their mentors to ensure that each one of our Work of Art participants reaches and maximizes their full potential.  


I vow to always be here to support and care for the children that we serve. The work that I do for our girls is beyond me, and I know that the passion that I have for Work of Art will continue to live on in the lives of each of the girls that we impact. The support and opportunity we provide is undoubtedly crucially important during these developmental stages of their lives. I stand in solidarity with our community in hopes that we can create a safe place where all of us can live and grow amongst one another in peace and love.


To my girls, you are hope, you are loved, you are prayed for, you are enough! Remember, you are a work of art:  You lead by example, You inspire others, You connect with the world. 


Ms. LeKai Butler, 

Founder and Executive Director

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Our Board of Directors


Stacey Barnett
Board Member


Gena Jones
Board Member


Erum Rochester
Board Member

Vincent White, M.Ed

Board Member

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April Wilson
Board Member


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